How To Get Your First Law Job

For many people getting a job in their chosen career field is a lifelong dream and one that’s difficult to realize. In today’s economy many people go to college and once they finish have an incredibly hard time finding a job in their field. Luckily lawyers remain in high demand. That doesn’t mean it’s a piece of cake to get the job you want right out of college. Getting your first job out of college won’t be easy but if you’ve finished law school it’s clear you know how to work hard!

The alternatives to not getting a job in your career field are pretty upsetting. You may end up spending most of your career doing a job that has very little to do with practicing law or you may end up underemployed in a legal job that doesn’t allow you to showcase your skills. Sometimes students who can’t find a job in their field end up having to resort to working fast food jobs. Don’t let this happen to you! Here are a few tips to getting a great first job right out of law school.

Apply to every possible job opening that you can. Don’t worry about being too discerning in the beginning of your career, applying to every possible job is a great way to get your foot in the door. Another way to keep your options open is to apply for multiple positions at one firm. The more opportunities you allow yourself to be open to, the more chances of success you have!

Be willing to travel! This has a lot to do with the first tip, keeping your mind and options open is a great way to get a job. Keep in mind that every attorney is marketable somewhere and each location has different needs and clients. Finding the right location is essential to finding the right firm for you. In this career field the people who are geographically flexible tend to succeed the most.

Keep in mind that even though you’ve left school a true education never ends. You’re always learning and if you treat the world like your classroom there’s nothing you can’t do. Keeping your library well stocked with educational texts is crucial to your continued education. That’s where Abe Books comes in! They’ve got a variety of educational and helpful books at great low prices. Perfect for a law student looking for their first job.

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