Using Available Options to Stay out of Jail

The judge overseeing your case may allow you an opportunity to bond or bail yourself out of jail before your court date. You may not want to lose this chance to go home early before you are scheduled to appear next before the judge. You may be ready to apply for a small bank loan, liquidate assets, or apply for and use Union County bail bonds services that are available in your area.

Before you apply for and get a bail bond, however, you might need to know what kind to pursue. You can learn more about your options by going to the bail bonds company’s website today.

Bonds for All Types of Offenses

When it comes to applying for and getting a bond, you may quickly find out that there are multiple types available to defendants like you. The one that you get will depend on the type of legal case in which you are involved. It also may be mandated by the judge who set your bail or bond amount.

For example, if you are facing domestic abuse charges, you may need a PFA bond in order to get out of jail. This type of bond is reserved for people who have Protection From Abuse or PFA orders served against them. The conditions of this bond may stipulate that you cannot come anywhere near the person who took out the PFA on you. You also may need to check in with your bail bonds agent on a regular basis to make sure you are not violating the terms of your release from jail.

Alternatively, if you are in the country illegally, you may need an immigration bond. This bond comes into play for people who have overstayed their visas and have to appear in court to learn if they can stay or be deported. This type of bond is also needed for people who came into the country illegally and could face being deported back to their home countries. These bonds keep people out of jail while they await their immigration hearing.

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